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About twenty years ago I began to realize a long cherished dream: to become a multi-instrumentalist. It has been a very rewarding journey. Not only does playing multiple instruments add different colors to the palette of the bands that I work with, it also allowed me to experience the different roles of instruments in a band, which I think has been beneficial to my playing in general.

I studied electric bass at the Hilversum Conservatory from 1984 through 1989, and for many years that was my main instrument. I started playing acoustic bass when I joined Capelino in 1993. Then in 2004 I bought my first pedal steel and since then I've been adding more instruments, spending many hours studying to master the technique and develop my tone; thankfully having already learned the whole theoretical part when I studied at the conservatory, progress was much faster and easier than if I had started from scratch.

Here's a list of instruments, click on the link to find samples of my playing, a partial list of bands with which I have performed on said instrument and a list of sound recordings.


Here's a few samples of my bass playing (both electric and acoustic).

On stage, I've played electric bass with Jaap Dekker, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Dicky Greenwood, Candye Kane, Leo Koster, Little Willie Littlefield, Ricky Nye, Lady A and numerous other bands. I've played acoustic bass with Capelino, Anke Angel, Wouter Kiers, Tim Kerssies, Lisa Otey, Pinetop Perkins, Edwin Rutten, Outlaw Express, Swinghouse, Do, de 3Js, Janne Schra, Leonie Janssen, Cees Meeusen, Guus Paat, Les Cook & Ed Huish, and many others.

I've played electric and/or acoustic bass on many albums, as listed in my discography.