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Bassman's Holiday

Bassman's Holiday
She's Looking For Me
I Need Help
Under Control
Hunting For Love
Little Girl
Hey Marylou
Brown Paper Bag
If You See Me Walking
I Want To Believe
Happy Song
Oh What A Feeling
Dutch Blues
Hot Summer Evening

The album features 14 songs, stylistically covering a wide range that incorporates country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, gospel, folk, Steely Dan, Little Feat and Frank Zappa influences. The diversity of styles isn't very common on record albums, but is of course familiar to anyone who enjoys listening to the radio or to "various artist compilation albums". Perhaps this album resembles what would be my favourite radio music show.
Three songs were recorded at home with me playing all the instruments, six were recorded at home with lots of help from some of my favourite musicians, and five were recorded live in a recording studio in Amsterdam with a motley collection of musicians who recorded this batch in a single afternoon session without any rehearsal. The result is an album that isn't intended to be a showcase of technical perfection, but more a document of musicians having a good time in their living room.

Chris Barchet

From Germany, started his musical career at the cello, which may explain his essentially melodic way of playing the drums. He interrupted his studies at the conservatory for a half year in India, in which he studied tabla. Chris played with Ferdinand Povel, Peter Tuscher, Adrian Mears and Leo Gmelch. Here he plays drums on Under Control, Hunting For Love, Little Girl, I Want To Believe, Happy Song and Oh What A Feeling.

Frido ter Beek"

Formerly with Stef Bos, Harry Sacksioni, Orkest De Volharding, De Ereprijs, het Noord-Hollands Filharmonisch Orkest, Forum Filharmonisch, the Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Theaterwerkplaats Independance, de Paardenkathedraal, Speeltheater Gent, Toneelschap B&D, Tamar, and Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck, and currently with the incredible Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet, plays soprano and baritone saxophones on I Want To Believe.

Peter van den Bos

From Capelino, cut his teeth playing country fiddle with various outfits, including the Willard Grant Conspiracy, the Laydays, and currently with Dubius. Here he can be heard playing the violin on She's Looking For Me and If You See Me Walking.

Arjen van El

Plays alto, tenor and baritone saxophones on Hunting For Love. We've played together in many different bands, most notably with Capelino, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Jaap Dekker and the shortlived Triad.

Steve Grams

From Arizona (USA) has been a special inspiration to me ever since I first heard him play. He has performed with Teddy Morgan, Lisa Otey, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Ned Sutton & the Rabbits, Los Lasers, 'L Mondo Combo, Bo Diddley, Nappy Brown, Big Time Sara, Rainer and Sam Taylor. He was a member of Tom Walker's Boogieman Blues three different times. In addition, he was the bassist with Tony & the Torpedoes, the Bad News Blues Band and recorded on their second CD, Bad News Indeed, and spent more than two years playing and recording with Kings of Pleasure. He has played on nearly 50 LPs and CDs. In 1998 Steve was named TAMMIE Bass Player of the Year. Currently he has three bands: KGB, a jumpin', jazzin' piano trio; the honky tonk quintet Rancho Deluxe; and the wild, original Americana roots quartet The Fluffingtons. On this cd, he adds distinctive vocals to 2 songs and acoustic bass on 2 other songs.

Dicky Greenwood

Extremely soulful singer and guitar player from The Hague. He has performed with Byther Smith, Little Smokey Smothers, Henry Gray, Leontine Dupree, Dr.Ross , Walter Wolffman Washington and released several albums under his own name. His leadvocal graces Dutch Blues. Also he plays a few cool guitar solos. Do yourself a favor and check out his latest solo album Feeling Blue.

Inigo Grimbergen

Performed with Jaap Dekker, the Deep River Quartet and various other groups. Working with him is always a pleasure to me.

Peter Kalisvaart

My brother in arms, is the incredible drummer who used to handle the sticks in Mr. Boogie Woogie's Firesweep Bluesband and the Wouter Kiers Trio. Here he plays percussion on various tracks.

Wouter Kiers

Possibly the hardest working tenor sax hero in Holland, working with Lils Mackintosh, Kiers & de Vries, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Hans Dulfer, La Blusa and numerous other bands, plays soaring solos on two songs.

Danny Krieger

Steve Grams's partner in crime in Grams & Krieger, is a guitar virtuoso who adds a special flavor that I've never heard in any other guitar player's sound. Danny Krieger is one of the Southwest's most respected guitarists and is much sought out by the nation's top bands for recording and touring. From a four year tour with British pop band Christy in the early 70's to recordings with Stephen Stills and Andy Gibb, to backing Big Joe Turner, Smoky Wilson and Eric Burdon, Danny is a consumate artist. He also did tours with Debbie Davies, theatre orchestral productions and a film score for "The Crew". In L.A. he also formed the band Mambo Gigalos with John "Juke" Logan. Back in Tucson, Krieger has been with The Millionaires, George Howard and the Roadhouse Hounds, Sam Taylor, and Tony & the Torpedoes. He appears on numerous CDs and has numerous specialty projects. He also is a popular contributor to school and community outreach programs in Chicago, L.A. and Arizona. Here he really shines on She's Looking For Me, and also does a fine lead vocal on I Need Help.

Harriet Middelhoek

The terrific singer from Capelino and Shooting Star, improvised the wonderful backing vocals on Little Girl and Oh What A Feeling without any rehearsal. I still get chills when I listen to her contributions.

Eric-Jan Overbeek

The amazing Mr. Boogie Woogie from Nieuw-Vennep is well known for his virtuosity and his stage presence, and may be the busiest boogie woogie piano player in Holland. During these sessions he shows another side of his musicianship, providing very tasteful subdued piano accompaniments to several songs. But of course when it's solo time during If You See Me Walking, sparks begin to fly!

Erik Rutjes

Awesome versatile guitarist who has worked with everyone from the New London Chorale to rising star Sarah Fairfield, and his distinctive sound can be heard daily on radio and television shows. He really has the Larry Carlton sound down on Under Control, plays perfect 60s-style guitar on Little Girl, and terrific soul guitar on Oh What A Feeling.

Jolien van Sleen

My daughter, and I'm very proud to have her vocals on my first solo album. She still sings with various bands, and also handles keyboard and guitar duties when necessary.

Kerstin Venhuizen

a/k/a "The Singing Psychologist" used to be my wife. Yes, I wanted this album to be a family affair. That's one reason why my wife and daughter can be heard on Happy Song, and why my brother and parents provided most of the cover art. But also, Kerstin's vocal, clarinet and laughter were perfect for the mood of this song.

Xandra Zijlstra

Tried to teach me how to play the tuba and the trombone, but I'm very happy that she's the one handling the brass parts on Hunting For Love! But thanks anyway for trying to teach me...