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Bassman's Holiday

Bassman's Holiday
She's Looking For Me
I Need Help
Under Control
Hunting For Love
Little Girl
Hey Marylou
Brown Paper Bag
If You See Me Walking
I Want To Believe
Happy Song
Oh What A Feeling
Dutch Blues
Hot Summer Evening

The album features 14 songs, stylistically covering a wide range of musical influences including country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, gospel, folk, Steely Dan, Little Feat and Frank Zappa. You could say that this album resembles what would be my favourite radio show.
Three songs were recorded at home with me playing all the instruments, six were recorded at home with lots of help from some of my favourite musicians (Chris Barchet, drums; Frido ter Beek and Arjen van El, saxophones; Peter Kalisvaart, percussion; Erik Rutjes, guitar; Jolien van Sleen and Kerstin Venhuizen, vocals; Xandra Zijlstra, trumpet and trombone), and five were recorded live in a recording studio in Amsterdam with a bunch of musicians (Peter van den Bos, violin; Steve Grams, bass and vocals; Dicky Greenwood, guitar and vocals; Inigo Grimbergen, drums; Wouter Kiers, saxophone; Danny Krieger, guitar and vocals; Harriet Middelhoek, vocals; Eric-Jan Overbeek, piano and vocals) who recorded this batch in a single afternoon session without any rehearsal. The result is an album that isn't intended to be a showcase of technical perfection, but rather a document of musicians having a good time in their living room.