The Secret To Success

The Secret To Success
1. Better Days (van Sleen)
2. I've Never Seen Hawaii (van Sleen)
3. Do What You Have To Do (van Sleen)
4. Falling Out Of Love With You (van Sleen)
5. It's You (van Sleen)
6. Lost My Home (van Sleen)
7. The Secret To Success (van Sleen)
8. If It Don't Look Good (van Sleen)
9. Too Drunk To Quit Drinking (van Sleen)
10. I Should Know Better (van Sleen)
11. You Don't Live Here Anymore (van Sleen)
12. Why Must I (van Sleen)


Future Disco: Poolside Sounds Vol. 10

Poolside Sounds
2. Kraak & Smaak - All I Need (feat. iogi)(mixed) (Oscar de Jong, Yogev Glusman, Wim Plug)(pedal steel)
19. Kraak & Smaak - All I Need (feat. iogi)(unmixed) (Oscar de Jong, Yogev Glusman, Wim Plug)(pedal steel)

Postcards From Tossington

Postcards From Tossington
8. Nobody There But Me (Hornsby/Hornsby/Haden)

Leo Koster Band - Rickies Till Dawn

Leo Koster - Rickies Till Dawn

1. The Room (Leo Koster) (bass)
2. Collateral Damage (Leo Koster) (bass)
3. That Extra Guitar (Leo Koster) (bass)
4. I Love My Ricky (Leo Koster) (bass)
5. 18/Stumble And Fall (Leo Koster) (bass)
6. She's The Devil In Disguise (Leo Koster) (bass)
7. Coeur D'Alene (Leo Koster) (bass)
9. One On One Teacher (Leo Koster) (bass)
10. From The Bottom Of The Ocean (Leo Koster) (bass, mandolin)
11. New Mexico (Leo Koster) (bass)
12. Rickies Till Dawn (Leo Koster) (bass, vocals)

Better Days

Better Days

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Frank van Engelen - De Mist

Frank van Engelen

1. De Mist (Frank van Engelen)(keyboards)
2. Dancing In The Moonlight (Frank van Engelen) (steel and keyboards)

I Should Know Better

I Should Know Better

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Leo Koster Band - I Love My Ricky

Leo Koster Band

1. I Love My Ricky (Leo Koster)(bass)

You Don't Live Here Anymore

You Don't Live Here Anymore

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Cafe Del Mar XXVII (Volumen Veintisiete)

Kraak & Smaak

2. Kraak & Smaak - All I Need (feat. iogi) (Oscar de Jong, Yogev Glusman, Wim Plug)(pedal steel)

OLON Volume 312

OLON Volume 312

Under Control (from Bassman's Holiday)

Kraak & Smaak - All I Need (feat. iogi)

Kraak & Smaak

1. All I Need (feat. iogi) (Oscar de Jong, Yogev Glusman, Wim Plug)(pedal steel)

Bassman's Holiday

Bassman's Holiday
1. Bassman's Holiday (van Sleen)
2. She's Looking For Me (van Sleen)
3. I Need Help (van Sleen)
4. Under Control (van Sleen)
5. Hunting For Love (van Sleen)
6. Little Girl (van Sleen)
7. Hey Marylou (van Sleen)
8. Brown Paper Bag (van Sleen)
9. If You See Me Walking (van Sleen)
10. I Want To Believe (van Sleen)
11. Happy Song (van Sleen)
12. Oh, What A Feeling (van Sleen)
13. Dutch Blues (van Sleen)
14. Hot Summer Evening (van Sleen)


John Frick Band - Let The Party Begin

John Frick Band - Let The Party Begin

1. Let The Party Begin (Frick)(acoustic bass, trombone)
2. Drown My Blues (Frick)(trombone)
3. Mary Joanna (Frick)(trombone)
4. Live Life To The Limit (Frick)(trombone)
11. Kisses For My Love (Frick)(acoustic bass, pedal steel, mandolin)
13. Separate Right From Wrong (Frick)(pedal steel)

Bruce Hornsby Tribute - Strike Three

Strike Three

1. A Night On The Town (Bruce Hornsby/John Hornsby)

Bart Dietvorst - To The Moon And Back

Bart Dietvorst - To The Moon And Back

5. To The Moon And Back (Dietvorst)(pedal steel)
6. Transcontinental Shuffle (Dietvorst)(keyboards)
11. Summer Holiday (Dietvorst)(pedal steel, keyboards)

The Sleen Gang - In Harm's Way

In Harm's Way

1. Real Man (van Sleen)
2. Trust Me Baby (van Sleen)
3. If You Went Away (van Sleen)
4. Good Morning Blues (van Sleen)
5. Bad Day (van Sleen)
6. Lonesome Highway (van Sleen)
7. Dutch Blues (van Sleen)
8. Last Summer Theme (Simon)/The Grass Is On Fire (van Sleen)

Leo Koster Sings Gene Clark Full Album

Leo Koster Sings Gene Clark

1. Echoes (acoustic bass)

Shadow Hands

Shadow Hands

19. Across The River (Hornsby/Hornsby)

Melatti - Childhood Dream

Melatti - Childhood Dream

1. I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (ft. Sue Palmer)(upright bass)
2. One Million Things (upright bass)
3. No!(upright bass)
4. Lady In Black (upright bass)
5. I Ain't Fallin' For Your Sweet Talk (2nd lead vocal, upright bass)
7. How I Wish (upright bass)
8. Mrs. Steal Your Girl (ft. Sue Palmer) (upright bass)
9. One Day (pedal steel, violin)
10. Yell At Me (upright bass)

Jan van den Hul & Harm van Sleen - Mag Die Radio Wat Harder?!!

Mag Die Radio Wat Harder?!!

1. Big Woman Blues (van den Hul/van Sleen)
2. I Was Born In Mississippi (van den Hul/van Sleen)
3. Drowning In My Tears (van den Hul/van Sleen)
4. Don't Do Me Wrong (van den Hul/van Sleen)
5. In Holland Staat Een Huis (trad.)
6. Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger (van den Hul/van Sleen)
7. I'm Crying (van den Hul/van Sleen)
8. The Joy Of Life (van den Hul/van Sleen)
9. One Day (van den Hul/van Sleen)
10. A Right Place (van den Hul/van Sleen)
11. Loving You (van den Hul/van Sleen)
12. Rock & Roll Is All It Takes (van den Hul/van Sleen)
13. Kassa! (van den Hul/van Sleen)
14. You Really Hurt Me (van den Hul/van Sleen)
15. 22 (van Sleen)
16. I Wanna Be Happy (van den Hul/van Sleen)
17. CHAOS (van den Hul/van Sleen)
18. The Emptiness Inside (van den Hul/van Sleen)
19. Let Me Tell You (van den Hul/van Sleen)
20. The Clown (van den Hul/van Sleen)
21. You Dance With Me (van den Hul/van Sleen)
22. The Funk Will Take You Higher (van den Hul/van Sleen)
23. Feel The Beat! (van den Hul/van Sleen)
24. Foi Foi (van den Hul/van Sleen)
25. Geen Leven Zonder Jou (van Sleen)
26. Was Het Maar Vakantie (van den Hul/van Sleen)

Bart Dietvorst - Twangy Tunes

Bart Dietvorst - Twangy Tunes

1. Paisley Wired (Dietvorst)(pedal steel)
6. Twang It Slow (Dietvorst)(pedal steel)

Lasse Lindholm Band - Live

Lasse Lindholm Band Live

6. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere(Dylan)(pedal steel)

Leo Koster Sings Gene Clark

Leo Koster Sings Gene Clark

1. Echoes (acoustic bass)

Jaap De Jonckheere - Storm Part I & II

Storm Part I & II

13. Wild Westland (De Jonckheere)(pedal steel)

Lasse Lindholm Band - Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness

Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness

1. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (pedal steel)

The Freelance Band - Out Of The Calaboose

Out Of The Calaboose

3. Shake Well (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangemen)
4. Still Up In The Morning (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (pedal steel)
5. The Best Day (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangement)
6. Good Work (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangement)
7. Wild Love (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangement)
8. Making Overtime (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangement)
9. Raining (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (dobro)
10. Right Between The Eyes (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangement)
13. Night Owl (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangement, mandolin)
14. More Hard Times (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (banjo, dobro)
15. Freelance Dance (Kroonenberg/Nuyens/Van Pijlen) (horn arrangement)

Lasse Lindholm Band - Just Another Day At The Office

Just Another Day At The Office

1. Baby Ride Easy (pedal steel)
5. Flyvere I Natten (violin)

The Implosions - No Strings

No Strings

3. After Sunshine (Kooiman) (pedal steel)

Judith Nijland - A Jazz Tribute To Abba

A Jazz Tribute To Abba

11. Voulez-Vous (Andresson/Ulvaeus) (pedal steel)

United By Music - Superheroes


1. Caldonia (Jordan) (bass, producer)
2. Everyday (Holly) (bass, producer)
3. And I Love Her (Lennon/McCartney) (bass, producer)
4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Cox) (bass, producer)
5. Shout (Isley/Isley/Isley) (bass, producer)
6. Apache (Lordan) (bass, producer)
7. Why Don't You Do Right (McCoy) (bass, producer)
8. Tweedle Dee (Scott) (bass, producer)
9. If (Gates) (bass, producer)
10. Something's Got A Hold On Me (James/Kirkland/Woods) (bass, producer)
11. Funky Stuff (Kamsteeg/van Sleen) (bass, producer)
12. Let's Twist Again (Mann/Appell) (bass, producer)
13. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon) (bass, producer)
14. Heads Up (King/Thompson) (bass, producer)
15. At The Hop (Singer/Medora/White) (bass, producer)
16. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Wise/Weisman/Fuller) (bass, producer)
17. Superhero (Kane) (bass, producer)
18. Ik Hou Van Jou (Kane) (bass, backing vocal, producer)

Will Matla - New Orleans

New Orleans

9. Solitude (Will Matla) (pedal steel)

Leo Koster Band - A Fish Called Cliff

A Fish Called Cliff

1. A Fish Called Cliff (Koster) (upright bass)
2. Robbed!!! (Song For Pim) (Koster)(electric bass)

Anke Angel Prevoo - Wonder Woman the Show

Wonder Woman The Show

1. Wonder Woman (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
2. I Ain't Got No One (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
3. Blue Sister (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
4. Jealous (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
5. My Baby's In Love (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
6. I'm A Mom (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
7. Brain Age (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
8. You Have Tried (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
9. Over You (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
10. Kingdom (Everaars) (acoustic bass)
11. Your Shoes Should Look Good (Everaars) (acoustic bass, dobro & vocal horn)

Leo Koster Band - Train Of Life

Train Of Life

2. On The Other Side (Koster) (electric bass)
5. I Used To Read A Lot (Koster) (electric bass)
7. Bossed Around (Koster) (electric bass)
8. Robbed!!! (Song For Pim) (Koster) (electric bass)
9. Deutsche Bank (Koster) (electric bass)
10. A Fish Called Cliff (Koster) (upright bass)
12. Une Baguette Jambon Fromage (Koster) (electric bass, steel)

Leo Koster Band - Black Label

Black Label

2. Noisy Neighbors (Leo Koster) (bass)

Mr. Boogie Woogie - 'Big Easy'

'Big Easy'

1. Have You Seen My Baby? (Newman) (bass)
2. Another Mule (Bartholomew) (bass)
3. Going Home Tomorrow (Young/Alvin/Domino) (bass)
4. Worry No More (Williams) (bass, horn arrangement)
5. In The Wee Wee Hours (Byrd) (bass)
6. Whiskey Heaven (Cofford/Durrill/Garrett) (bass)
7. Mardi Gras In New Orleans (Byrd) (bass)
8. Three Nights A Week (Domino) (bass)
9. Fats Frenzy (Domino) (bass)
10. New Orleans Ain't The Same (Domino) (bass)
11. When My Dreamboat Comes Home (Franklin/Friend) (bass)
12. Your Cheating Heart (Williams) (bass)
13. Mother In Law/Working In A Coal Mine/Certain Girl (Toussaint) (bass)
14. I Almost Lost My Mind (Hunter) (bass)
15. Corrine, Corrina (trad./arr. Overbeek) (bass)



2. Burning Bushes (Lentink) (pedal steel)
6. Here I Am (Lentink) (pedal steel)
10. I Know It Will Pass (Lentink) (pedal steel)

Mr. Boogie Woogie - FATS - a Tribute to Fats Domino

FATS - a Tribute to Fats Domino

1. I'm Walking (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
2. The Fat Man (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
3. Blue Monday (Bartholomew) (bass)
4. I'm Ready (Domino/Lewis/Bradford) (bass)
5. I Want To Walk You Home (Domino) (bass)
6. Be My Guest (Domino/Marascalo/Boyee) (bass)
7. I'm In Love Again (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
8. Let The Four Winds Blow (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
9. I Hear You Knocking (Bartholomew/Miller/King) (bass)
10. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Calhoun) (bass)
11. Blueberry Hill (Lewis/Stock/Rose) (bass)
12. Jambalaya (Williams) (bass)
13. Poor Me (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
14. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
15. Red Sails In The Sunset (Kennedy/Grosz) (bass)
16. Whole Lotta Lovin' (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
17. Walking To New Orleans (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
18. Hello Josephine (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)
19. Please Don't Leave Me (Domino/Bartholomew) (bass)

United By Music - That Ain't It

That Ain't It

1. Superhero (Kane/Chavez) (bass, producer)
2. I Hear You Knocking (Bartholomew/Miller/King) (bass, producer)
3. Frim Fram Sauce (Ricardel/Evans) (bass, producer)
4. My Babe (Dixon) (bass, producer)
5. Please Tell Me A Lie (Kane) (bass, producer)
6. Heads Up (King/Thompson) (bass, producer)
7. Beyond The Sea (Trenet/Lawrence) (bass, producer)
8. Side By Side (Woods) (bass, producer)
9. There Goes My Heart (Kostas/Malo) (bass, producer)
10. Misunderstood (Kane) (bass, producer)
11. Whole Lotta Shakin' (Williams/David) (bass, producer)
12. Gee Whiz (Thomas) (bass, producer)
13. I Wanna Be Like You (Sherman/Sherman) (bass, producer)
14. That Ain't It (Kane) (bass, producer)
15. Rob-A-Billy Blues (Watson/van der Lee) (bass, piano, organ, producer) (bass, producer)
16. Black Widow Girl (van Walsem) (bass, producer)
17. Roll With Me Henry (James/Ballard/Otis) (bass, producer)
18. Making Whoopie (Kahn/Donaldson) (bass, producer)
19. Wild Wild Young Men (Ertegun) (bass, producer)
20. Chains (Goffin/King) (bass, piano, organ, producer)

Outlaw Express - Crowded Room

Crowded Room

1. Crowded Room (Mandigers) (electric bass)
2. If You Leave Me (Mandigers) (pedal steel)
3. Back To Start Again (Middelhoek) (electric bass
5. Kings And Warriors (Mandigers) (electric bass
6. Borrowed Time (Middelhoek) (pedal steel)
8. Back To Me (Mandigers) (dobro)
9. On The Loose (Mandigers) (acoustic bass, banjo)
10. Hanging Over My Sunny Fields (Mandigers) (pedal steel)
11. Big Brass Bed (Mandigers) (electric bass)

Blood Sweat & Kiers - Mr. Sax Man

Mr. Sax Man

5. Big Daddy (Loudermilk) (banjo)
8. Jambalaya (Williams) (pedal steel)

Diane Van Deurzen & Lisa Otey - Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

5. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (Grossman/Fraser/Kohan/Davis/Onorati/Simeone) (bass, pedal steel)
6. Precious Lord (Dorsey/Allen) (bass, pedal steel)
12. Baby, It's Cold Outside (Loesser) (bass, pedal steel)
15. Home (Bonoff) (bass, pedal steel)
17. What A Wonderful World (Thiele/Weiss) (bass, pedal steel)

Shouting Boots - live!

Shouting Boots - live!

7. WOUTER KIERS' BRT BAND - Boots Randolph Medley(Hartford/Ledbetter/Gibson) (bass)

Anke Angel

Anke Angel

1. Boogie Woogie Feeling (Angel) (bass)
2. Buy My Blues Away (Angel) (bass)
3. Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Boogie eingestellt (Hollaender) (bass, acoustic guitar)
4. Teardrops In My Eyes (Toombs) (bass)
5. Beat Me Daddy 8 To The Bar (Sheehy)/Tico Tico (Oliveira)/Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Jacobs/Secunda/Cahn/Chaplin)/Beer Barrel Polka (Timm/Zeman/Vejvoda) 6. Spiel Mir Eine Alte Melodie (Berlin) (bass, vocals)
7. I Love You (Angel) (bass)
8. Holzschuhboogie (Angel) (bass)
9. Wonderful World (Weiss/Douglas) (bass)

Karen Neumann & Swinghouse


1. Everybody's Talking About Miss Thing (Berger/Siebert/Smith) (bass)
2. No I Ain't Gonna Let You Go (Mabley) (bass)
3. Blue Drag (Reinhardt) (bass)
4. Lonely Teardrops (Davis/Fugua/Berry) (bass)
5. C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell) (Berry) (bass)
6. St. Louis Blues (Handy) (bass)
7. Mr. Zoot Suit (Lorber/Koz) (bass)
8. Red Shoes (Davina) (bass)
9. I Want A Little Boy (Mencher/Moll) (bass)
11. What's The Matter With You (Jones) (bass)
13. Till The Well Runs Dry (Andrews) (bass)

Jaap Dekker - Simply Blue

Simply Blue


Blood Sweat And Kiers - Do The Murphy Shuffle

Do The Murphy Shuffle

Down Yonder (Gilbery) (pedal steel, violin)

Diane Van Deurzen & Lisa Otey - Wild Women

Wild Women

1. Wild Women Don't Have The Blues (Cox/Van Deurzen)
2. My Handy Man (Razaf)
3. Honey Pie (siebert/Smith/Smith)
4. Send For Me (Cook)
5. Trouble In Mind (Jones/Van Deurzen)
6. Peel Me A Grape (Frishberg)
7. Texas Hold 'Em (Otey)
8. Don't Advertise Your Man (Grainger)
9. So Good To My Baby (McCoy/Kirkland)
10. Teach Me Tonight (Cahn/DePaul)
11. Besame Mucho/Surrender (Velasquez/Pomus/Shuman)
12. Hard Times (Charles/Van Deurzen)
13. Power Of Love (Ball)
14. Route 66 (Troup)
(bass, pedal steel, dobro, guitar & vocals)

In Love With Jazz Vol. 3

In Love With Jazz Vol. 3

CD1 - Foreplay
12. Gossip(van Sleen)
CD2 – Get Hot
18. My Funny Valentine(Rodgers/Hart)
CD3 – Cool Down
11. Night And Day(Porter)
(bass, dobro)

Wouter Kiers - Plays Boots Randolph

Wouter Kiers Plays Boots Randolph

1. Medley: Gentle On My Mind(Hartford)/Cottonfields (Ledbetter)/Oh Lonesome Me (Gibson)
2. King Of The Road (Miller)
3. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Webster/Mandel)
4. Big Daddy (Loudermilk)
5. Hey Jude (Lennon/McCartney)
6. Jambalaya (Williams)
7. The Battle Of New Orleans (Driftwood)
8. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie/Pinkard/Casey)
9. Crazy (Nelson)
10. Walking With Mr. Lee (Allen)
11. Harlem Nocturne (Hagen)
12. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern)
13. Down Yonder (Gilbert)
14. Flamingo (Groutte/Anderson)
15. Southern Nights (Toussaint)
16. Yakety Sax (Randolph/Rich)
17. Take The "A" Train (Strayhorn/Ellington)

Grapes Of Grain - It Slowly Fades

It Slowly Fades

1. Long Time Waiting (Vos)(pedal steel)
2. Greenfields (Vos)(pedal steel)
3. Give It Away (Vos)(pedal steel)
4. Today I Feel Like Sleeping (Vos/Ike)(pedal steel)
5. (to) Have (to) (Vos)(pedal steel)

United By Music - We're Not That Special

We're Not That Special

1. I Want A Tall Skinny Papa (Tharpe) (piano)
2. I'm Not That Special (de Beer) (piano)
3. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Jordan) (piano)
4. United By Music (Kane/Palmer) (piano)

Dicky Greenwood Band - Live at the Music Bar(DVD)

Live at the Music Bar

1. Naggin (Greenwood)
2. Crazy And Blind (Greenwood)
3. In The Mood (Greenwood)
4. Left Or Right (Greenwood)
5. Take It Or Leave It (Greenwood)
6. Sad Sad Sad (Dicky Greenwood)
7. True Love Is Special (Greenwood)
8. Another Girl Gone (Greenwood)
9. She's Fine, She's Mine (Greenwood)
10. 30 Nights And 30 Days (Greenwood)
11. I'm Your Man (Greenwood)
12. Bad Habits (Greenwood)
13. I'm Rich (Greenwood)
14. What Drives A Woman (Dicky Greenwood)
15. A Woman Like You (Greenwood)
16. That's What Love Is (Greenwood)
17. Sweet Dollars (Greenwood)
18. Help Me Out (Greenwood)
19. A Change (Greenwood)
20. Travelin' (Greenwood)
(bass, vocals)

Grapes Of Grain - Balloons From The Blue

Balloons From The Blue

1. Alone, tonight (Vos) (pedal steel)
3. ...on the floor (Ike/Vos) (pedal steel)

10 Years 1998- Blues On The River

10 Years 1998- Blues On The River

1. Blues On The River (Greenwood) (bass)
2. Will You Hold Me (bass)

Dicky Greenwood - American Roots Music No.5 LIVE!! & more

American Roots Music No.5 LIVE!! & more

1. Let Your Hair Down (Dicky Greenwood)
2. Am I Losing You (Cate/Cate)
3. Help Me Out (Greenwood)
4. Small Talk (Greenwood)
5. Soul To Soul (Greenwood)
6. Accused (Greenwood)
7. Jump Girl Jump (Greenwood)
8. Green River (Fogerty)
9. True Love Is Special (Greenwood)
10. Left Or Right (Greenwood)
11. Crazy 'Bout You (Greenwood)
12. On Your Own (Greenwood)
13. Blues On The River (Greenwood)
14. A Change (Greenwood)
(bass, pedal steel, vocals)

Mr. Boogie Woogie - Absoo-boogin'-lootly


5. K.O.Boogie (Overbeek) (bass)
10. Boogie Down Easy (Overbeek) (bass)
12. Down South (Rob Hoeke) (bass)

Two In A Room - It Suits Me Well!

It Suits Me Well!

1. What To Do? (Mandigers/Denholm)
2. Say You Won't Leave Me (Denholm)
3. Rain Please Go Away (McCoury)
5. Willin' (George)
6. True Feelings (Mandigers/Denholm)
8. Where I Feel Fine (van Sleen)
(bass, pedal steel, dobro, vocals)

Spinvis - Ik Wil Alleen Maar Zwemmen

Ik Wil Alleen Maar Zwemmen

1. Ik wil alleen maar zwemmen (de Jong) (pedal steel)
4. Ik wil alleen maar dubben (de Jong)(pedal steel)

Spinvis - Dagen van gras, dagen van stro

Dagen van gras, dagen van stro

1. Ik wil alleen maar zwemmen (de Jong) (pedal steel)

Lisa Otey - Trio


1. Night And Day (Porter)
2. My Funny Valentine (Rodgers/Hart)
3. Your True Desire (van Sleen)
4. Honeysuckle Rose (Waller)
5. Under Paris Skies (Ronell)/Et Maintenant (Becaud/Leroyer/Sigman)
6. Gossip (van Sleen)
7. Trust Me Baby (van Sleen)
8. Boogie In 3 (Von Tilzer)
9. Crazy Harry (Brownlee)
10. At Last (Gordon/Warren)
11. Night And Day (alternate take) (Porter)
(bass, dobro, vocals)

Dicky Greenwood - Soulful Blues

Soulful Blues

1. That's What Love Is (Greenwood)
2. The Woman Is A Keeper (Greenwood)
3. What Drives A Woman (Greenwood)
4. Sweet Dreams (Greenwood)
5. Let Your Hair Down (Greenwood)
6. Accused (Greenwood)
7. Can I Be Forgiven (Morgan)
8. Don't Burn My Clutch (Greenwood)
9. Soul To Soul (Greenwood)
10. Sweet Dollars (Greenwood)
11. Let's Just Let It Be (Cate/Cate)
12. Travelin' (Greenwood)
13. Naggin' (Greenwood)
(bass, pedal steel, vocals)

Jazz By The Sea

Jazz By The Sea

Homemade Brew (from Mr. Boogie Woogie's album Three Pound Fist)

Dicky Greenwood Band - Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

1. Feeling Blue (Greenwood)
2. She Made My Mind (Robillard)
3. Am I Losing You? (Cate/Cate)
4. Side Tracked (Greenwood)
5. Look At Me (Greenwood)
6. Long Tailed Cat (Greenwood)
7. I'm Your Man (Greenwood)
8. Guitar Greatests (Greenwood)
9. In The Mood (Greenwood)
10. Just Play The Blues (Greenwood)
11. Those Were The Days (Greenwood)
12. Little By Little (Greenwood)
13. Hucklebuck (Krinsky)
(bass, vocals)

Blues On The River 1998-

Blues On The River 1998-

I Love My Baby (van Sleen)(from Dicky Greenwood's A Long Way)

Liedjes Met Soundmix November

Liedjes Met Soundmix November

1. Curacao (van Gog/van Sleen) (keyboards)

Liedjes Met Soundmix Mei

Liedjes Met Soundmix Mei

1. Als Ik Dans (van Gog/van Sleen) (keyboards)

Liedjes Met Soundmix Januari

Liedjes Met Soundmix Januari

1. Als Het Kon (van Gog/van Sleen) (keyboards)

Bewegen Op Muziek September

Bewegen Op Muziek September

1. Disco From Frisco (van Sleen)
2. Caramba Samba (van Sleen) (keyboards)

Liedjes Met Soundmix

Liedjes Met Soundmix

1. Niet Eens Zoveel Verschil (van Gog/van Sleen) (keyboards)

Mr. Boogie Woogie & The Firesweep Bluesband - Three Pound Fist

Three Pound Fist

1. Three Pound Fist (van Sleen)
2. K.O. Boogie (Overbeek)
3. That's A Lie (Charles/Holiday)
4. Those Were The Days (Greenwood)
5. Mary Ann (Charles)
6. Old Man Blues (van Sleen)
7. Homemade Brew (van Sleen)
8. Marlon's Boogie (Katz)
9. Please Send Me Someone To Love (Mayfield)
10. Another Girl Gone (Greenwood)
11. Remington Ride (Remington/Penny)
12. Bad Case Of Love (King)
13. Sweet Love (van Sleen)
(bass, vocals)



1. Wat Een Ontvangst (van Gog/van Sleen)


Bewegen Op Muziek Mei

Bewegen Op Muziek Mei

1. De Kat Op Pad (van Sleen) (keyboards)
2. La Salsa De Los Muchachos (van Sleen) (keyboards)

Verhaaltjes En Liedjes Januari

Verhaaltjes En Liedjes Januari

1. Verkleden (van Gog/van Sleen) (keyboards)

Liedjes Met Soundmix Januari

Liedjes Met Soundmix Januari

1. Winter (van Sleen) (keyboards)

Dicky Greenwood Band - A Long Way

A Long Way

1. A Long Way (Greenwood)
2. If She Really Loves You (Greenwood)
3. I Don't Lie (Greenwood)
4. Crazy And Blind (Greenwood)
5. Made It After All (Greenwood)
6. Once A Fool (Greenwood)
7. Green River (Fogerty)
8. She (Greenwood)
9. I Love My Baby (van Sleen)
10. Hit And Run (Greenwood)
11. 30 Nights And 30 Days (Greenwood)
12. Winter (Greenwood)
(bass, vocals, horn arrangements)

Blokfluitensemble Praetorius - De Vier Elementen

De Vier Elementen

4. Juego de Galilei(Leenhouts) (bass)

Mr. Boogie Woogie & The Firesweep Bluesband - Holy Boogie

Holy Boogie

1. Holy Boogie (van Sleen)
2. Bad Day (van Sleen)
3. If You Went Away (van Sleen)
(bass, vocals)

Mr. Boogie Woogie & The Firesweep Bluesband - Live At The Pub!

Live At The Pub!

1. Bad Day (van Sleen)
2. Get Out Of Here (King/Ling)
3. Woman Like You (Greenwood)
3. Swannee River Boogie (trad.)
4. If You Went Away (van Sleen)
6. Goodnight Irene (Ledbetter/Lomax)
7. She's Fine, She's Mine (Greenwood)
8. Boogie Down Easy (Overbeek)
9. Backdoor Blues (Vinson)
10. Trouble (van Sleen)
11. I'm Rich (Greenwood)
12. Lovin' On My Mind (van Sleen)
12. Holy Boogie (van Sleen)
(bass, vocals)

The best Of Gipsy Swing

The best Of Gipsy Swing

You'd Be So Nice (from Capelino's Way To Go)

Capelino - Way To Go

Way To Go

1. I'll Remember April (Raye/De Paul/Johnston)
2. Bernie's Tune (Miller/van Sleen)
3. Take Me To Swine Lake (van Sleen)
4. Goodbye (van Sleen)
5. Don't Explain (Holiday/Herzog)
6. Limehouse Blues (Furher/Braham)
7. Where's My Key? (Martens)
8. Love Is Back (Grappelli)
9. Gossip (van Sleen)
10. You'd Be So Nice (Porter)
11. Blue Lady Blue (van El)

Willeke - De musical

Willeke - De musical

22. Samen Zijn (van Asten/De Bois/Manders) (bass)



1. You'd Be So Nice (Porter)
2. I'll Remember April (Raye/DePaul/Johnston)
3. Faded Blue (van Essen/Martens)
4. The Lady Is A Tramp (Rodgers/Hart)

Relite! - Relite! For Christmas

Relite! For Christmas

includes songs from Relite! Revelation

Relite! - Revelation


1. Revelation (Perry/Ferrante)
2. Song For Child (Jacobse)
3. Put A Little Love In Your Heart (DeShannon/Meyer/Holiday)
4. The River (Whitlock/Keesecker)
5. Operator (Spivery)
6. Get Together (Aas/Groth)
7. Where The Heart Is (Jacobse)
8. David's Promise (Jacobse)
9. Soon And Very Soon (Crouch)
11. I'll Be There (Davis/Gordy/West/Hutch)
12. In This House (Smallwood)
13. Tears In Heaven (Clapton/Jennings)
14. Think (Franklin/White)
15. The Dream (Ferrante/Haslip/Russo/Franks)

Cloe - Not Unnoticed

Not Unnoticed

2. This Is The Way (Cloe)
3. Handmade (Cloe)
6. Your Verve (Cloe)
7. Another Fly (Cloe)
10. Geronimo (Cloe)

Burt & The Brand New Lifestyle - Young Boys & Girls (On The Old Side Of Town)

Young Boys & Girls (On The Old Side Of Town)

1. Young Boys & Girls (On The Old Side Of Town)(van Sleen)
2. It Burns For You (Vigh/Prinsen/van Sleen)
(bass, piano, electric guitar)

Brookings Middle School Chorus - Fiddler On The Roof/The Wiz

Fiddler On The Roof/The Wiz

1. We Want To Sing
2. Who's The Wizard