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About twenty years ago I began to realize a long cherished dream: to become a multi-instrumentalist. It has been a very rewarding journey. Not only does playing multiple instruments add different colors to the palette of the bands that I work with, it also allowed me to experience the different roles of instruments in a band, which I think has been beneficial to my playing in general.

I started playing the pedal steel in 2004 or 2005. Tutorials by DeWitt Scott and Winnie Winston were very helpful, as well as lessons from Jan Visser. Right away I tried to approach the steel from different angles, listening and studying Hawaiian players, Western swing, jazz and rock steel guitarists. My first jobs included studio work for Spinvis and other artists, and performing with singer/songwriters Outlaw Express and Western swing outfit Panhandle Swing. Currently I play a lot of pedal steel with Men In Blues and the Freelance Band, and occasionally with Change of Key and other bands.

My main instrument is an Excel double-neck, but I also have a Fender stringmaster 50s double neck without pedals and an old 6-string lap steel. I use various amps depending on the situation, these include a Boss Katana, a Fender DeVille tube amp, an Evans pedal steel amp and a 1930s Supro tube amp.

Here's a few samples of my steel playing:

On stage I've played pedal steel with Men In Blues, Arthur Ebeling, Freelance Band, Vance Lane Special, Change of Key, Dick van Altena, Bertolf, Niko Christiansen & Friends (pedal steel), Pam MacBeth (pedal steel), Panhandle Swing and many others.

I've played pedal steel on many albums, as listed in my discography. Here's a list of additional instruments I play, click on the link to find samples of my playing, a partial list of bands with which I have performed on said instrument and a list of sound recordings.